Web Development

Content Management System (CMS) Development
Responsive Mobile App Integration
Dynamic Content Databasing
Conversion Optimization
E-commerce Development
SEO Ready Framework
User Experience Design (UX)
Usability Analysis
Custom Design/Modules
Dynamic Menus
Site Mapping


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Search engines now require that websites are “responsive” to mobile users, eliminating any site from search results that do not fit into the required specifications. We will not only meet these standards but also optimize your website for mobile and tablet users, making browsing easy, enjoyable, and cost effective.

Coding and managing thousands of files can be a headache, that’s why our team here at Quasar Tech Solutions is academically and professionally trained to provide you fully customizable websites that come with personal attention from start, middle, to finish. We offer three levels of management, ranging from Basic sites for those small businesses that want a presence online to large Enterprise accounts with millions of viewers and daily attention from our caretakers.


View a few Sample Websites We Design and Manage!

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We are also proud to offer our new content development system that uses specific targeting methods to find workers from all over the world who are qualified and passionate about writing creative and ghost content for our clients! Visit our Web Packages area for more information on our recommended company setups that has been proven to grow community and network social presence for companies in all business sectors, including nonprofits!

Monthly Maintenance Packages

Basic: Crisis Management (you run your own website but we do basic updates for 4 emails a month).

  • Small Businesses
  • Local Nonprofits
  • Restaurants

Moderate: Full website management.

  • E-Commerce Accounts (up to 80 products updated/mo)
  • Nationwide Nonprofits
  • Doctors/Dentists/Promotional Sales

MegaPlan: Daily hands-on work with your webpage, 24 hour contact at all times, you have an exclusive Partner from our firm working with you.

  • Corporate Accounts
  • Medium Scale E-Commerce Accounts (80-500 products updated/mo)

Enterprise: Custom costs-

  • Corporations
  • Large scale E-commerce Accounts (500+ products updated/mo)