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Sometimes (in our experience this is rare) you don’t need a new website, marketing strategy, or team of experts helping you along your digital journey. In these cases, Quasar Tech Solutions offers our clients a broad range of enhanced and highly defined external communication services that allows companies to focus on more important and urgent business factors, while having the peace of mind that the services and products they need are researched, developed, and reviewed by multiple experts in all fields of web development, content creation and analysis, and user experience.

Strategic Planning

(20% off all other services when purchasing)

We help you define your website, email, and other public relation materials, developing a relative and comprehensive content and marketing strategy for your appropriate channels of audience engagement, optimizing the widespread distribution of your products, services, and corporate message. Strategic planning allows us to analyze and understand the kernel of your business and its objectives. User experience, and the feedback which occurs from such engagement, depends entirely on the recognized and reviewed processes and goals of your company. Developing a strategic plan early in our work allows us to offer a greater level of expertise while representing your company’s developmental programs and assets.

Your website begins with a thorough, up-front discovery process, which includes interviews and surveys to develop a series of deliverables that allow your business and our marketing and development team to work efficiently, cost-effectively, and transparently. Your project’s success depends on a solid foundation, strategic planning is crucial in determining a viable and tangible future. Because this process is such an essential part to both of our organization’s marketing success, we strongly recommend this component to all of our services, which saves our customers on average 20% of their marketing costs over time, which is why we offer 20%
off on the rest of our services when Strategic Planning Services are purchased.

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  • Project Setup Docs
  • Timeline & Milestones
  • Business Objectives Overview
  • Design Objectives Template
  • Marketing/Social Media Service Guide
  • Ideal Customer Profile Brief
  • Reputation Ranking/Profile
  • Conversion Workflow
  • Sitemap Creation
  • SEO Audit

User Experience (UX)

Companies should know what their customers and other constituents experience when engaging with websites, social media campaigns, and other marketing strategies. Without insight in the specific task-based operations that users undergo in digital activities, companies can easily (and often do) confuse their audiences in the name of pleasing someone within the company, who may or may not have relative insight in UX, web design, content development, and visual design. Using a proven scientific method of research, analysis, and testing, we can provide companies a non-biased and detailed review and report of company audience experiences and engagements. Third party User Experience saves companies stress and creates opportunities to generate more profits, while reducing lost profits from aggravated or confuse customers.

Reputation Management (PR)

Word of mouth marketing has been a large comeback in the past few years. With user feedback specific websites generating millions of individual views and engagements every day—such as Yelp, Google Review, and Facebook—reputation management has become one of the fastest growing needs requiring third party services in the digital marketing sector. Although great customer service and quality products and services can create positive reputation with current and future constituents, the internet can sometimes get out of control, with company brands and their audience awareness spiraling out-of-control into pits of firestorm and negative activity and engagement.

With our social media and business-to-consumer persuasion experts, our team adjusts business images to fit the quality of service and product offered. We cannot guarantee your reputation will be above your dedication to your customers, we can however place your company’s image in a light that accurately reflects its value and quality to its constituents. Together, Quasar Tech Solutions and your organization can bring brand awareness and image recognition to reflect the attitude of your company.

Database Management

With customer service and product specifications requiring an increasingly vast amount of data input and retrieval, database management is becoming a critical requirement, no longer a novelty, in business. With our latest software additions, our database management experts are able to provide comprehensive data and information management. We also offer full database integrations for our web development services and recommend any client using email marketing to consider our database management services.

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Visual Design

Visual communication relies on four basic principles: contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity, all of which contour people’s vision to follow a set path and process of visual breakdown and cognitive analysis. Using a development team, each with a decades’ worth of visual design experience, our professional website designers and visual experts can create internal and external communication documents that not only scream (or softly persuade depending on your needs) at your intended audience but also engage those individuals to follow a set of habits and actions you deem important and valuable in your marketing needs.

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*We offer a range of visual design from logos, banners, brochures, topic-specific graphics and photos, info-graphics, and any custom visual need you may have!

Any of these services can be added to a website development package. We do accept custom jobs depending on the need, so do not hesitate to ask if we can provide you with any digital or web needs you may have.