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Whether it’s social media, email marketing, or digital advertising, Quasar Tech Solutions is able to market and reach your audience in an efficient and cost-effective way. Using proven techniques and effective processes, our industry insights provide clients with extra profits and consistent analytics.

Using SEO, conversion optimization, and our vast media database marketing system, we are able to merge technology and social networking to measure and advertise to others online based on interest, employment, place of living, current location, active internet usages, and more. We are also proud to announce that we now offering Reputation Management for our clients, thanks to a new collaboration with Metonymy Marketing Strategies (, to provide a thorough and fully responsive public relation management process and system for our clients.

Reputation Management (PR)

Word of mouth marketing has made a large comeback in the past few years. With user feedback specific websites generating millions of individual views and engagements every day—such as Yelp, Google Review, and Facebook—reputation management has become one of the fastest growing needs requiring third party services in the digital marketing sector. Although great customer service and quality products and services can manifest positive reputation with current and future constituents, the internet can sometimes get out of control with company branding and audience awareness spiraling out-of-control into pits of firestorm and negative activity and engagement.

With our social media and business-to-consumer persuasion experts, our team adjusts business images to fit the quality of service and product offered. We cannot guarantee your reputation will be above your dedication to your customers, we can however, place your company’s image in a light that accurately reflects its value and quality to its constituents. Together, Quasar Tech Solutions and your organization can bring brand awareness and image recognition to reflect the attitude of your company.

Basic Marketing Deliverables:

  • Defined goals
  • Keyword discovery and insight
  • Competitive analysis
  • Local listing submission & optimization
  • Google, Yahoo, & Bing Ads
  • Industry specific directory placement
  • Competitive link building
  • Link bait development
  • Blogging & PR submission
  • Local business directories
  • Social media optimization

Social Media Management

Quasar Tech Solutions, and our team of marketing gurus located throughout the United States, work closely with your organization to combine proven old-school marketing strategies with new-age PR 2.0 methods. With our unique approach to digital marketing, our clients are able to capitalize on current social trends while staying relevant and innovative in the world of social intrigue and dynamic user feedback. With our strategic planning services, QTS will work closely with you to develop marketing goals and tangible service outcomes that will provide your employees and other constituents a clear understanding and path for a prosperous and economically sensible future. To learn more on social networking and how we can help determine the social clients you MUST be taking advantage of, fill out our product and service request form (to the left) so we can start strategizing and influencing the new-age media tools your clients and targeted audiences are using every day.